Conversation with Jean Roch Bouiller, François Coulon, Patrice Goasduff, Anne Langlois, Loïc Le Gall and François Vallée
Texts by: Sandra Ceballos, Gerardo Mosquera, François Vallée

Published on the occasion of the exhibition The Weight of an Island. Collecting Contemporary Art, this catalog examines the particular situation of Cuban art with the exceptional contributions of Gerardo Mosquera, an internationally recognized specialist in this field, and Sandra Ceballos, creator in the early 1990s in Havana of the famous Aglutinador gallery, the first independent Cuban art space that has allowed many artists to exhibit their creations: without any tongue-in-cheek, but without any settling of scores, the reader will have a clear idea of how to survive by creating for Cuban artists. These two essays are preceded by a text by the collector François Vallée and a conversation between the curators of the exhibition.

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