The exhibition will be open to the public subject to public health restrictions.

At the HubHug, next to the rubble of the nearby construction site, Léa Bouttier, Maxence Chevreau, Charlotte Dalia and Amalia Vargas present Tendres Gravats. The exhibition gathers works they produced during the GENERATOR training program. Tendres Gravats refers to deconstructed matter that takes on new forms, marked by gestures, displacements, caresses and poetic balances.

Léa Bouttier works on sculpture and questions the ways of interpreting forms: how do they generate a gesture? Do they accompany or allow it? The sculpture she presents for this exhibition hosted three actors for several days for a shooting. From different situations, they improvised and drew from the experience of the form, their gestures and their words. In April, 2021 the captured videos are in post-production and the sculpture visible here is the remnant of this experience. It is practicable by the visitors before its very next destruction.

In an oscillation between sculpture and painting, Maxence Chevreau‘s work process is a matter of weaving, of the entanglement of a motif or a color that always leads to another. In a particular attention paid to the material, he questions the gestures and the modes of appearance of the forms. Here is presented the result of a work around the paper as a support of sculpture.

Charlotte Dalia creates installations and videos. She approaches spaces as immersive zones of potential fictionality, and as scenes to visit. Inspired by the cinema, whose multiple sides and signs she uses, she has recently developed a work of writing that plays with the form of the subtitle. She is currently directing a short film, and presents here one of her latest videos, Trailer.

Without considering the boundaries of the present, Amalia Vargas wanders through spaces and landscapes, confronting the artifacts and eras that are found there. Here she presents a proposal of an earlier Future and shows that she believes in the world, not even in the existence of the world, but in its possibilities in movements and intensities to give birth to new modes of existence again, closer to the rocks, menhirs and rubble.