48, avenue Sergent Maginot
35000 Rennes

The animated movie Smoke by Fleur Noguera brings us into her drawings. Made of black and white landscapes streaked with brushstrokes, they show bucolic environments in which a character seems sometimes lost. Conceived as a loop, the movie shows the peregrination of a cloud born from cigarette smoke. It drifts through different landscapes and meets other kind of clouds : those floating in the sky, those coming out of the mouth of hikers on a mountain or those going away from the chimney of a factory. After imploding, it reappears among the flames of a burning car. It flies nearby a fire camp and a birds swarm before going through an aircraft engine and then coming back to the cigarette above which it floats. Though an ecologic throbbing tale, Smoke stays away from any moralistic point of view.

Fleur Noguera, Smoke, 2008. Animated film, 6’48”. Production: contemporary art centre Chapelle Saint-Jacques / Saint-Gaudens. Frac Corse collection. Courtesy of artist and gallery Dohyang Lee.