Curated by 40mcube.

Work visible 7/24
Rennes Forest
Directions from the Juteauderie car park in Thorigné-Fouillard and Relais Nature Mi-forêt in Liffré

After Laurent Tixador’s residency during spring 2022, 40mcube is continuing its collaboration with Là-Haut and is setting up a second residency in the Rennes forest.

The artist Tiphaine Calmettes is working with François Beau, carpenter and founder of the Des Hommes et des Arbres, an association that proposes to better understand old buildings and their restoration and to question the construction methods of contemporary buildings by questioning the place of the individual as a builder or inhabitant, as well as the issues linked to a local wood industry.

Tiphaine Calmettes and François Beau share a common interest in the production process of the forms that surround us. On the occasion of this invitation, they intervene in the forest of Liffré to place an element of domestic use –the armchair– in its original setting.

From the raw element to the precision of the bas-reliefs inspired by arts and crafts, they wish to renew the links between art and craft, between the cultural and the natural, placing the aesthetic experience within its context of production. With the work created in 2022 by Laurent Tixador on a proposal by 40mcube, this sculpture participates in the setting up of an artistic trail in the forest of Rennes.

This residency is part of L’appel de la forêt.