Residency: 09.08 – 24.09.2021
Public presentation: 25.09 – 26.09.2021, 2 PM – 6 PM

HubHug 40mcube
150, rue de Rennes
35340 Liffré

40mcube welcomes artist Simon Leroux for a research and production residency. Hosted at HubHug, the artist will benefit from a working space, tools, materials and funding to create new works.

“I use a variety of pictorial languages, different styles, different techniques, in a sort of combinatorial game where the elements represented do not exist for themselves but in their formal relationships with each other, in their oppositions or their complementarities, in their appearance or their disappearance.
Mixing pop and baroque influences, references to digital worlds, hardcore rap, Christian theology or daily life, I make wobbly pictorial machines where I try to produce harmony in the heterogeneous, dynamic balances in a delirium of signs and images.”