40mcube coordinates the residency of Piere Budet at Le vieux chêne school in Saint-Broladre.

The project conducted by Pierre Budet during his residency focuses on the pupils’ daily environment, particularly the territory in which they live. It allows the children to take a new look at their school, their city, and the site of the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. It leads the students to rediscover their living environment and to take the time to look at it, through the realization of differennt kind of works.

The technique chosen by the artist is the animated image. The project thus combines all the components of a film, whether it is animated or real-life, or a combination of both techniques. The children address the question of the scenario, the shooting, the sound, the editing. They experiment with traditional techniques (drawing, assembling, etc.) and digital techniques to make animated films that will be projected within a sculptural environment created by the children during the residency.