40mcube coordinates the residency of Charlotte Vitaioli at Les Badious school, in Plerguer.

The artist has developed with the students of 8 classes a work on the imaginary linked to the sea. From a work of drawing, painting on fabrics and by creating a choreography, the pupils have created with the artist various works: clothing, accessories, models, etc..

Charlotte Viatioli then made a film with the children, entitled La danse astrale, which features the pupils in a choreographed ritual in which they celebrate the sea and its importance in our environment. During the artist’s residency, the students created the costumes and staging for this performance.

During the restitution of the residency, the children paraded through the town of Plerguer, dressed in their costumes. The film was then presented to all the pupils, parents and residents during a festive moment, similar to the children’s celebration of the sea.