Residency : 01.10.2020 – 28.02.2021
Public presentation: 01.07.2021

As part of the residencies in companies supported by the Drac Bretagne and the Ministry of Culture.
Coordinated by 40mcube.

At the invitation of 40mcube, Pierre Budet set up his studio for three months at A2COM, an expert in cloud services and digital transition support. He discovered the site, met the staff, and observed the activity. He was particularly interested in the principle of the “bureau blanc” (white office), linked to the security and defense standards required to store confidential data.

The “bureau blanc” is a security rule that consists of not leaving documents or notes on one’s desk that could be seen by a visitor or via a video conference, for example. This avoids possible leaks of confidential data. In A2COM‘s offices where this instruction is applied, the desks are therefore quite bare.

During his residency, Pierre Budet observed what remained of the “bureau blanc” standard at A2COM‘s office. Despite the instruction, this place bears the signs of the life that occupies it: more or less personalized spaces and objects, unusual things, uses and work tools sometimes quite exotic for a designer and objects that tell the life and history of a company, its employees, its suppliers and its customers.

Pierre Budet
has thus produced 100 drawings, grouped together in an edition that reflects his immersion in a company, close to all the people who work there.