The “Projects of Projects” is similar to the pre-projects which one puts together, in architecture for example, before presenting oneself for a competition. If we are the winner, if everything goes well, we can continue with the project and then the final project. In this way, many projects never make it past the pre-project stage, many ideas never get to see themeselves realised other than in their tentative beginning form. But the comparison ends there: Projects of Projects is a project in and of itself.

By singling out the ‘artistic possiblity’ of these projects, it doesn’t make them any less able to stand alone. Incomplete, free, liberated from the obligation to be called finished, they end up nevertheless able to remain independent from completion.

Here, the initial temporary format becomes the completed achievement. Of course one can always return and finish the ‘finished’ project and yet, strangely, the order would be reversed: every other idea that follows would remain secondary to the original Projects of Projects.

Projects of Projects is a series of short 4-5 minute videos. The videos are stillframe and the frames themselves are very similar, all shot from the waist up of a person, paper in hand, engaged in the reading of possible art projects and exhibiting key documents. The various Projects of Projects are presented simultaneously in the same space: the spectator first notices TVs placed on pedestals each showing a different project, in which one can hear a slight hubbub in the background; following this one can decide to watch any of the videos. The projects change from video to video, as well as the shadows, the shirts, the lighting and the background.

In autumn of 2002, there were 17 Projects of Projects divided into two series, one with a white background, the other with a colored background. Eight others are being made and will make up the third series.

JPL et YT.

Exhibition in two places: 40mcube and Art & Essai gallery

40mcube (approximate dimensions, please check)
34 rue de l’Alma
35000 Rennes
From Thursday to Saturday from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM and by appointment.

Art & Essai Gallery
Université Rennes 2 – Haute Bretagne, Campus Villejean
Place du recteur Henri Le Moal
35043 Rennes Cedex
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM.



Jean-Philippe Lemée / Yves Trémorin


1- Les Photographies Interdites 4’46’’
Non-profit Association Project

2- Les Reliques significatives 5’18’’
Collection and boxing project

3- Un conte 4’10’’
Project for a tale

4- Degemer Mad, Bienvenue 3’18’’
Project for Brittany

5- L¹Artiste rencontre le Chef d’État 6’57’’
Project for the exhibition of traces of a performance

6- Une contribution à l¹Art Corporel 5’08’’
Contemporary Dance Project

7- Les Expositions Publicitaires 4’55’’
Exhibition project in Brittany

8- Nous, devant les oeuvres 6’16’’
Poster and Postcard Project

9- Un Hymne pour l’Art Contemporain 5’44’’
Music project


1- Les Tableaux Signalisateurs 5’17’’
Modular project of works

2- Tous unis, presque 5’02’’
Project at the scanner

3- Le Parc de sculptures miniatures approximatives 6’06’’
Project for the home

4- Photo au zoo 4’07’’
Documentary Project

5- Self Mail-Art ou l¹Art Postal pour soi-même 4’20’’
Project for a new postal art

6- Le Fort La Latte en tapis de souris 4’31’’
Breton Memories Project

7- Duplos dupliqués 5’44’’
Mixed techniques

8- L’Apparition 5’00’’
Drawing project