Installation on the Champs Libres building
10, cours des Alliés
35000 Rennes

At the initiative of Champs Libres and 40mcube, the artist Vincent Mauger is invited to intervene on the architecture of Christian de Portzamparc. He presents a monumental work that is aggregated on the roof of the building as an unidentified vacillating extension.

The Champs Libres and 40mcube have been jointly conducting an experiment for two years now, putting into practice in a concrete way the relationship between art and architecture. In 2013, Antoine Dorotte had inlaid an enigmatic sphere of scales in Christian de Portzamparc’s building.

Vincent Mauger’s sculptural installations represent landscapes that seem to come straight out of a 3D simulation. Made from construction materials, bricks, cinder blocks, plastic containers, whose ordinary character they transcend, they concretize a mental space made practicable for the public. These simple materials are cut and assembled on a modular and reproducible principle, like certain constructions, which allows the artist to adapt his works to the space and to play on questions of scale.

Creating in his work an obvious parallel between sculpture and architecture, Vincent Mauger conceives a new honeycombed installation that is assembled on the roof of the Champs Libres as an unidentified wavering extension.