At the invitation of 40mcube

150, rue de Rennes
35340 Liffré

Open on Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

To consider creation as a collective playground, an enrichment from which a multitude of proposals mixing genres, mediums and identities can be born. For this second opus of the exhibition Parties, the statement remains the same: to realize a collective work. New artists, also graduates of the EESAB – Quimper site, have joined the adventure. Exchanges, borrowings, repentance, transformation of one’s own work: so many ways to make the collective and to make the unfinished an inherent modality of the work.

Some artists pursue their research by modifying its representation, such as Pierre Budet and Charlotte Caro, who always evoke the gathering, through funerary symbols, or Julie Bonnaud and Fabien Leplaë who, by mixing their brushes with two drawing machines, juxtapose mechanical production and hand-made work, and are inspired by the themes of bibliography and quotation. Others offer their works new modes of existence. Camille Guillard’s pylons move in stone and concrete vaults that she works by hand, thus renewing her interest in gestures. Coralie Mézière’s pedestal is materialized in marbled paper and multiplied in the exhibition space forming an original architectural space. On the evening of the opening, they host a performance by Morgane Besnard who dialogues with some of the works in the exhibition.

Romain Bobichon, Marie L’Hours and Manoëla Prates each collect materials on their own and then, during workshop sessions, they assemble, fold, glue and paint. The final form of the work takes shape during the hanging. This is also the protocol followed by Léa Bénétou who, in her two paintings on wood and concrete, tries her hand at painting while representing architectural motifs dear to her artistic practice.

Following the first edition, new duets and trios were formed, such as Frank-Olivier Martin and Julien Duporté, who came together to create a dialogue between sketching with Indian ink and silkscreen printing. Julien Duporté’s paving stones are taken up, composed and decomposed to create a complete pattern and a multitude of possibilities.

Through the transgression of genres and the desire to experiment, share and experience the other, the twenty-one artists presented produce works that result from their interactions. They provoke the renewal of forms, instability and permanent transformation.

Doriane Spiteri