This exhibition is part of Exporama.

Since the creation of their duo, Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guédon have always affirmed in their artistic practice the social and geographical origins that unite them. The rural environment, the agriculture, the relationship with animals or the traditions are largely represented in their sculptures and installations, and activated in their performances. Often crossed with references from more distant regions, they emphasize the universal character of folklore and ritual.

For their exhibition at 40mcube, entitled Nouaison, they rearrange their collaboration process to question its boundaries and rethink its functioning. Their research focuses on the relationship to the earth in general, and on their own relationship to the earth, which they see as influencing their lives and their work on different levels: intimate, symbolic, familial, sensitive, legal, social, societal, ecological, psychological. They produce an installation composed of different materials (straw, earth, ceramic, glass, textile) for which they create a sound environment. Based on interviews they conducted with their relatives, but also with a lawyer and a psychologist, this new work allows them to approach the questions of transmission and inheritance from different angles.