The exhibition Non contractuelle presents at drama gallery the work of the artists participating in the GENERATOR #10 program, run by 40mcube. Between October 2023 and April 2024, Charles-Arthur Feuvrier, Zoé Febvre–Utrilla, Noémi Lancelot and Hugo Laporte developed singular and intimate projects. Each proposal is sensitive, plays with precise and chosen cultural codes, and offers multiple points of view. Quotations travel freely between humorous intellectualism and the revaluation of digitalized kulturindustry. The artists are not afraid to turn their collective and personal histories into pretexts for debate, exchange and mutual open-mindedness.

The palette is wide: pornographic abstraction, iconic totemization, joyful deception, fanatical ornamentation. It would be difficult to correctly classify their practices, as they are so hybridized on a daily basis. There is no longer any separation between the studio, life and the smartphone. The continuous flow of information is poeticized and embodied in forms ready to take on the norms. Non contractuelle is a counterpoint to this formalism. This group show highlights the artists’ practices and their shared considerations on how to show their work. The result is a rhythmic, playful journey, bringing together worlds that have, at first glance, nothing to do with each other.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with drama gallery.