For his first solo exhibition, Stanislas Paruzel presents the first three films of a series dedicated to Tristan & Iseult.

Stanislas Paruzel
’s films combine different modes of production. Mixing shooting with actors and actresses, animation and inlay, they take on a dreamlike, unreal dimension.

For his exhibition at 40mcube, Non Complete Story, he presents the first three films of a series that he will be continuing. Each episode is an interpretation of a chapter from the text of Tristan & Iseult, based on the modern French versions by Joseph Bédier and René Louis. One of them, produced during the professional training GENERATOR that the artist attended in 2021-2022, is dedicated to chapter 15, Mark in the tall pine tree.

Stanislas Paruzel’s scenography combines these videos, projected or screened, with sculptures that are also elements of the sets, or works produced after his films were made, evoking and extending their singular universe.

While revealing an almost childlike fascination with the Middle Age and its aesthetics, this classic tale of love is seen from a contemporary, critical angle.