34, rue de l’Alma
35000 Rennes

Laurent Tixador and Abraham Poincheval continue to explore contemporary territories. After their survival performance on the Frioul Island next to Marseille (Total Symbiosis, 2002, coproduced by 40mcube and Astérides), they will cross France on foot from west to east, walking in a straight line with only a compass to guide their way. Rivers, highways and private property may force them to modify their journey around various obstacles. Fitted with hiking gear and a camera, they will chronicle their journey which will then be put together in an exhibit space and online at 40mcube.

They leave Nantes on October 1 for the first step of their journey. They pass next to Rennes on the October 5 and arrive in Caen at the Frac Basse Normandie on October 18 where they present photographs taken during their trip. On November 16 they leave Caen and head for Metz where they will be met at the graduate school for art on December 18.

40mcube is the go-to office for this expedition. Visitors could check their progress thanks to the documents available in the exhibit space or they could go online to the 40mcube website. The exhibit and website are updated as the project goes along, as soon as Abraham Poincheval & Laurent Tixador send their news.

*Wednesday December 18, Metz art school, 6:15 p.m. . The eagerly awaited and triumphant arrival of Abrahan Poincheval and Laurent Tixador. Flares and champagne. A warm welcome for the hikers, happy that their voyage ended well. The End.*