This exhibition is part of Exporama.

Anne Brégeaut’s work is filled with colorful landscapes and shows animals or rare stylized characters evolving in strange narrative scenes. Her paintings are enigmatic and, like dreams, are open to interpretation. Her series Mes insomnies is paradoxically similar to images and stories that seem to be taken out of dreams, in a psychoanalytical dimension.

L’île de la résidence (“The Island of the artist’s residency”) is a text written by Anne Langlois. The story of this novel takes place during a residency created by a mysterious patron, in the mountains. Four artists meet there and discover the history and stories of the village, what they are told and what is hidden. In the same time, their works are created, with phases of research and production, discussions and approvals, as well as the different moments of doubts and fulgurances that they go through. In this way, their personal stories and those of the village converge, before reaching their climax.
From that moment on, everything goes crazy.

In the exhibition L’île de la résidence, Anne Brégeaut deploys her universe in the form of a series composed of pre-existing paintings and new works, into which are inserted excerpts from the text written by Anne Langlois, focused on the landscapes and characters. Recomposing the reading of the novel, the exhibition reveals an atmosphere that is common to both the works and the text, and focuses on the question of the creative process, the way in which the narrative becomes space and the place that the text takes in it, as well as, more broadly, the question of fiction in curating.

On the occasion of this exhibition, L’île de la résidence is published, including paintings by Anne Brégeaut.

Opening on Friday, May 20, 2022, at 6 pm. On the same day, La Criée centre for contemprary art invites you à 6:30 pm at the opening of the exhibition The Canticle of the Birds (Le Cantique des oiseaux) by Katia Kameli.