Zoo galerie
49, chaussée de la Madeleine
44000 Nantes

Claire Chassot, Jean Julien Ney, Kevin Hoarau, Miel Villemot are part of GENERATOR #3

The exhibition brings together and presents the work of the artists of the third edition of GENERATOR, a professionalization program initiated by 40mcube in partnership with the École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne. Behind various forms, the research they share in their respective practices appears, such as the question of covering, envelope and surface; of the imprint of the image, the object and the body; of recording and trace…
The extension of shadows is conceived as an extension of Ce sont des mirages dans des chemises, presented in April-May in the Project room of the Galerie Art & Essai, and tends to develop and broaden the different perspectives brought into play in the previous exhibition. It reuses notions of immateriality, of images applying themselves to taking flesh, of volume seeking to “surface”. In the space of the Zoo gallery, forms are amplified; terms are superimposed, bodies stretch until they cover everything, or embody it all.

In her artistic work, Claire Chassot associates two distinct practices, that of scenography for the theatre and that of sculpture, without one submitting to the other. Interested in space, construction and its materials, she creates subtle links between these two practices.

Kevin Hoarau sets up sculptural processes that are the fruit of simple and tenuous actions. Each step constitutes a work that is both autonomous and linked to the others.

Jean-Julien Ney bases his production on an interweaving of sculptures and flat images that he connects. His installations hybridize materials and images from the utilitarian register as well as from that of nature. He borrows archaic as well as contemporary elements, taking over existing industrial objects while making new ones by hand.

Miel Villemot conceives of painting in the broadest sense, on the basis that it is as much an artistic as a functional practice. He also takes into consideration the singular relationships that are established between the users, the product and the public of this activity. The artist regularly invites people who have another painting practice, such as an aesthetician specialized in Nail Art or an airbrush artist.