Screening: 10.01.2024, 6:30 pm

Director Darielle Tillon consults a magnetizer for an unusual backache. When she tells her that she has just returned from a trip to Burkina Faso, she reacted immediately. “You really shouldn’t go to Africa, because the energies there are very low,” she said.
So Darielle Tillon talks to “specialists” in the field of invisible energies, and then to her friends in Burkina Faso, to get their views on the matter. She wants to talk to her friend Iro too, who is also from Burkina Faso, but strangely enough, she can’t reach him. He’s probably under some kind of spell…

Everything that takes place on screen was either filmed on the spot or re-enacted by the protagonists themselves. However, the magnetizer and the fortune-teller did not wish to appear, so their roles were played by others.

Produced by 36secondes / Patrice Goasduff, with the support of Brittany Region, in partnership with the CNC.

Thank you to La Criée and Brittany Region.