Exhibition presented as part of the Biennale OFF
On the invitation of 40mcube

150, rue de Rennes
35340 Liffré

Open on Saturday and Sunday from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

During a stay in Belgrade, Yoan Sorin and Pauline Bordaneil animated their everyday objects. They took turns choosing an object from the apartment. This was the basis of their creative work. Whether written or sketched, these objects guided their thoughts. Developing ideas despite material (a chosen object) and temporal (the living room) constraints, their daily life and its environment were a true source of inspiration.

In 2016, an exhibition project is being built based on the principles established in Belgrade. Pauline Bordaneil decides to open the exploration of our daily life by multiplying the protagonists. The different invited artists show the plurality of views and practices on the same object.

The exhibition presented at HubHug transcribes the process initiated since this stay in Serbia. Productions are made for the occasion in order to better cohabit with the space and create a discussion between artistic practices.