Public presentation: 13.04.2023, 6 pm – 9 pm
Oscar Leroux School
3, boulevard Gaëtan Hervé
35000 Rennes

For her project entitled La Grande Danse, Camille Bondon works with all the pupils of the Oscar Leroux school (and more particularly those of the Educational Unit for non-french speakers), and the residents of the EHPAD Gaëtan Hervé. With them, she created a collection of dance accessories that amplify the slightest gesture, to create a collective dressing room to be shared in a great public celebration of the pleasure of moving one’s body.

From a collection of visual references composed of the artist’s inspirations and the participants’ interests, ideas of shapes and colors allow them to invent, weave, braid, sew, glue, staple and assemble accessories, between the costume and the prosthesis. Together, the participants navigate between experimenting with prototypes and making small series that offer a wide range of variations. A real workshop dedicated to the creation of costumes is set up.

This dance wardrobe is activated by the participants and all those who wish to join the party, that is both parade and carnival. Big dance in the evening, party in the morning, liberating choreography or gesticulation race, it is a festive moment for sharing, open to all. Everyone is alternately at the heart of this public celebration, then spectator and observer of this moment of pleasure.