HubHug 40mcube
150, rue de Rennes
35340 Liffré

Kahina Loumi creates an optimistic painting that questions the language of abstraction and the relationship to the space. At the end of her one-month residency at the HubHug, she presents the works created during this time of research and production.

Kahina Loumi 's work is part of a reflection on the history of painting. In his works, abstract and minimal, the artist invents new ways of “painting” by crossing disciplines and processes. She approaches the pictorial language outside the space of the painting. She is also interested in the conditions of presentation of the painting through the use of the series and the installation. Deconstructing pictorial gestures by moving around often leads her to make painting the very subject of her works.

Sensitive to light, rhythm and space, Kahina Loumi builds her works in relation to these notions. Interested in the materiality of painting, she works on the surfaces she paints. Tools and supports play an important role in this respect. The result is a painting that mixes blurred gestures and aerial textures with soft, transparent shades, without abandoning the codes of abstraction.