40mcube HubHug
150, rue de Rennes
35340 Liffré

Since its creation in 2001, 40mcube has been setting up projects and presenting works in the public space. Its history is closely linked to that of the city's urban planning, 40mcube having occupied six successive buildings since its creation, four of which were demolished in the time leading up to their demolition.

From 2003 and 2005, the exhibitions Chantier public #1 and Chantier public #2 addressed the relationships between art, architecture, urban planning, construction, etc., and took place in different locations in Rennes. More imposing, the works Psycho by Benoît-Marie Moriceau, Matériaux de construction Campus de Beaulieu Rennes by Lara Almarcegui produced as part of the Fondation de France's New Sponsors programme, or Street Painting #7 by Lang/Baumann were created in Rennes on a temporary or permanent basis.

Collaborations with two consecutive editions of the Biennale de Belleville have also led to the presentation of works by Julien Berthier or Nicolas Milhé in the public space in Paris. Finally, the collaboration with the Champs Libres in Rennes has enabled Antoine Dorotte, Vincent Mauger and soon Benoît-Marie Moriceau to work directly on the architecture of Christian de Portzamparc.

In 2010, installed in Rennes in premises made available by the City of Rennes, which include an outdoor space of 500 square meters, 40 cubic meters set up the Urban Sculpture Park, a concentrated sculpture park in a concrete universe in the heart of a ZAC.

In 2016, in partnership with the City of Liffré, 40mcube creates the HubHug workshop and residence 15 km from Rennes, and extends its sculpture park in a rural area on a plot of 20,000 square metres, the HubHug Sculpture Project.

On this plot of land, outdoor furniture – bar and seating – designed by the designers Erwan Mével and Thomas Le Bihan from a unique form, a concrete slab provided by the company Rousseau Clôtures. Victor Vialles designs the site's signage and Samir Mougas the workshop's graphic identity. Laurent Duthion sets up an orchard of polygonal trees, and Claire Chassot takes over the architecture of the gardens and the greenhouse.
Finally Pascal Rivet uses this space as an observatory of a work put to the test of time and weather. A fund-transporting truck lost and abandoned under a tree…

The HubHug Sculpture Project integrates a project that has remained in the 40mcube computers for several years, the Rack. As its name suggests, the Rack is similar to a storage rack transposed to the scale of public space. Between storage and exhibition, this device houses the works produced and existing works by Virginie Barré, Étienne Bossut, John Cornu, Rémi Duprat, Hilary Galbreaith, Camille Girard & Paul Brunet, Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guédon, Laurent Le Deunff, Briac Leprêtre, Samir Mougas, Bruno Peinado. 6 m high by 12 m long and 2 m wide, this Rack allows to gather works on three levels, to realize a collective exhibition built in height, a composition playing contrasts between figurative and unbridled or sober and minimal aesthetics.