48, avenue Sergent Maginot
35000 Rennes

Gisement et Extraction
Naïs Calmettes & Rémi Dupeyrat

Mathilde Barrio Nuevos, Mikaël Belmonte, Guillaume Constantin, Laurent Kropf, Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, Samir Mougas, Émilie Perotto, Josué Rauscher, Jean-Sébastien Tacher, Andreas Thiranos, Vlad & Alina Turco, VLF

Naïs Calmettes and Rémi Dupeyrat ’s installations are displays of their regularly renewed collection of materials and objects. They create narrative spaces that include references to the Indians, science-fiction or minimal sculpture.
Their exhibition at 40mcube illustrates a new stage in their work. Their artworks used to be in constant evolution, being reconstructed for each exhibition. The artists have now decided to freeze their stock of materials into blocks of concrete, creating new sculptures that are also a way to safeguard their previous pieces.

They continue with their technical experiments by presenting a crash test, with a wooden platform that shows traces of destruction with a disc brake.

Naïs Calmettes and Rémi Dupeyrat also renew their stock of materials by using copper, logs, waxcloth, coloured glass, knives… For this exhibition, they have asked fifteen artists to show their work. The common trait for those works was that they had to be a geometrical solid. This collection of sculptures is integrated to the rest of the installation, just like an extraction of finished objects among raw materials.

The exhibition Gisement et Extraction is organised like an environment that would explore different materials, but also their representation and imitation. For example, a selection of framed paintings on old paper is hung on one wall while a trompe-l’oeil mural painting representing a landscape made up of marbles of different kind constitutes the bottom of this global deposit.

Photo: Patrice Goasduff