This exhibition is presented at EESAB – Quimper site
8, esplanade François Mitterrand – 29000 Quimper

Curated by Judith Quentel, directrice de l’EESAB – Quimper site, Anne Langlois and Patrice Goasduff, co-directors of 40mcube centre for contemporary art
Coordinated by: Anaëlle Lec’hvien

Initiated and managed by 40mcube centre for contemporary art, in partnership with the École européenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne and the company Self Signal, GENERATOR is a unique educational experience, a professional training program for young visual artists and an international curatorial residency.

Since the creation of the program in 2014, thirty-three artists have benefited from it, twenty-four curators have participated, many professionals have contributed, and various local, regional, and national partners have been involved. Many projects have been realized: exhibitions, editions, films, residencies. A national and European network composed of all these actors has been set up.

Eight years after its creation, EESAB – Quimper site invites 40mcube and the artists of GENERATOR to realize a retrospective exhibition which gathers the whole of the productions created by the artists during GENERATOR, of which some were acquired by the Departmental Fund for Contemporary Art of Ille-et-Vilaine, as well as new productions.

This exhibition formalize the GENERATOR experience by putting it in perspective with other proposals.
About thirty artists and fifty works are presented: videos, sculptures, installations, paintings, artists’ books, sound objects, etc. The exhibition is an opportunity to highlight a rich and diversified artistic production but also, for the first time, to put them in resonance, to point out their forms, their questionings and their modes of production.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog coordinated by art critic and curator Raphaël Brunel. It highlights the GENERATOR program, its actors, and the tools and strategies developed to respond to the complex challenges of professionalizing young artists.

Through this exhibition and this edition, an emerging scene of artists and curators is revealed and, through historical and theoretical approaches, the social, pedagogical and political issues and implications of the training and status of art workers are highlighted.