GENERATOR is a certifying professional training program. The skills delivered by GENERATOR are registered in the Specific Repertory under the title «Conduire son activité d’artiste plasticien» (Managing your activity as a visual artist).

Prerequisite: GENERATOR is open to visual artists at the start of their career, who are French nationals or have been resident in France for more than five years, and are registered as artist-authors with the social security authorities, in all techniques, with no geographical or age limits.
Artists may have studied at a fine arts school (DNSEP) or university (Master’s degree), or be self-taught, provided they can demonstrate professional experience in contemporary art (at least 3 exhibitions in French or European cultural structures or galleries).
Access to certification is only possible on completion of the GENERATOR training program.

Selection: based on a call for applications (annual selection jury made up of an independent curator or art center manager, an artist-author and a 40mcube manager).

is regular, based on individually developed content, group discussions and real-life work situations, according to the objectives of each module. To validate the targeted skills, evaluations will be carried out at the end of the program. The list of skills and evaluations is handed out on the first day of training.

The target skills and associated evaluations are as follows:
Competence 1: Manage your activity as an artist-author within a fiscal, social, legal and accounting framework, in order to comply with applicable laws and be able to respond to calls for applications and projects. Evaluation: simulation (oral presentation): Analyze and negotiate an exhibition and production contract with a cultural organization.
Competence 2: Convey your artistic work in the context of a lecture, workshop, exhibition, adapting your presentation to suit the audience in order to diversify your professional activities. Evaluation: Case study (oral presentation) : Designing a workshop for school audiences.
Competence 3: Adapt the production of a work to different contexts (exhibition, commissioned work in the public space, or artistic residency), respecting the legal, administrative, institutional and financial framework, in order to respond precisely to the specifications of a call for projects or a commission. Evaluation: written exercise : Prepare an application for a 1% artistic project.
Competence 4: Develop communication tools and a methodology to find partners in order to develop a professional network and obtain contracts. Evaluation: Interview with the jury : Present your artistic practice and the stages in the development of your professional project.

*Certification Managing your activity as a visual artist Specific director code : RS6179
Certifier : 40mcube
Registration date : December 14, 2022