150, rue de Rennes
35340 Liffré

From Saturday to Sunday from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Florent Gilbert, Guillaume Gouerou, Lauren Tortil, Victor Vialles are part of GENERATOR #2

GENERATOR is a programme for young artists and curators, initiated and coordinated by 40mcube, run jointly with the Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne (Brest-Lorient-Quimper-Rennes), in partnership with the company Self Signal. The exhibition at the HubHug presents the works created for GENERATOR 2016 by Florent Gilbert, Guillaume Gouerou, Lauren Tortil and Victor Vialles.

In his work of sculpture and image, Florent Gilbert plays with different modes of production. He creates a series of sculptures whose base is none other than a basic table of a large industrial sign, which he reproduces by hand – but in series, and comes in several versions. He uses a traditional craft technique, marquetry, to reproduce contemporary motifs such as Rodolphe Levilain’s drawings, which are close to the aesthetics of fanzine drawings or concert posters.

Guillaume Gouerou presents, among other pieces, a series of thirteen photographs entitled Astérismes. Enigmatic, these small-format black-and-white images are in fact an archive of the Fulgurites, stones that the artist produced using another giant microwave oven, the MW6400 (2015). It is a new, more powerful model of the giant microwave oven that is presented here, the MW8700. This object illustrates Guillaume Gouerou’s research at the frontiers of art and science.

Influenced by various fields ranging from architecture to acoustics, political science and musicology, Lauren Tortil’s work focuses on a double research, documentary and theoretical, which feeds a plastic – sound and formal research. With a particular interest in military surveillance devices and architecture, she creates works that produce interactions between sound propagation and the built environment.

Victor Vialles manipulates with great ease a wide variety of materials and objects, found, recovered, stolen… whether they are collected, reworked, moved, diverted, retrieved or present in their raw integrity. Oscillating between irony and poetry, his objects maintain a sense of déjà vu while creating other situations.

The GENERATOR exhibition at HubHug reveals the singularities of these artists but also the concerns that bring them together and the formal links between their works.