The jury met on May, 18th 2021 to consider the 112 applications.

The selected artists are:
Anthedemos (portfolio)
Marie Boudet (portfolio)
Ines Dobelle (portfolio)
Stanislas Paruzel (portfolio)

The selected curators are:
Aurélie Faure (presentation)
Guilhem Monceaux (presentation)

The jury was composed of Madeleine Mathé (director of Chanot centre for contemporary art), Guillaume Constantin (artist, in charge of the artistic programming at Instants Chavirés in Montreuil), and Anne Langlois (director de 40mcube, centre d’art contemporain d’intérêt national).

Continuing professional development program for artists: 04.10.2021 – 29.04.2022
International residency for curators: April 2022