Initiated and supported by 40mcube, in partnership with the École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne and the company Self Signal, GENERATOR is an experiment, a professional training program for young visual artists and an international residency for curators.

This publication presents a portrait of this unique program, its actors as well as the tools and strategies developed to address the complex issues of professionalization and precariousness of young artists.
Through this editorial project, an emerging scene of artists and curators is highlighted, as well as the social, pedagogical and political issues and implications of the training and status of art workers today, through historical and theoretical approaches.

Hélène Meisel, curator of the exhibition L’art d’apprendre. Une école des créateurs (The Art of Teaching
and Learning. A School for Creators) at the Centre Pompidou Metz, presents in her text an overview of a certain number of training courses and alternative pedagogical experiments initiated by artists, theorists or exhibition venues.

Tiphanie Blanc, co-founder of the Wages for Wages Against collective and campaign, questions in her essay the social and economic mechanisms that underlie the art world through the demand for a fair wage for art workers.

In his text, Raphaël Brunel seeks to identify the aesthetic, plastic and critical issues that are reflected in the practices of GENERATOR participants and to question the concerns of a young generation of artists with regard to the most contemporary issues.

An interview between the different protagonists of GENERATOR (Anne Langlois, curator and co-director of 40mcube, Patrice Goasduff, co-director of 40mcube, Danièle Yvergniaux, director of the École Européenne Supérieure d’art de Bretagne), as well as with the artist Camille Bondon and the curator Sasha Pevak, goes back over the origins and the stakes of the program.

More than just a review of an original program, this edition is presented as a real toolbox putting into perspective the challenges facing a whole generation of young artists.

The artists
Aude Anquetil, Morgan Azaroff, Delphine Bertrand, Camille Bondon, Léa Bouttier, Claire Chassot, Maxence Chevreau, Charlotte Dalia, Rémi Duprat, Lucie Férézou, Aurélie Ferruel & Florentine Guédon, Léo Fourdrinier, Louis Frehring Makiko Furuichi, Hilary Galbreaith, Florent Gilbert, Guillaume Gouerou, Kevin Hoarau, Brieg Huon, Louise Mervelet, Jean-Julien Ney, Nicolas Pesquier, Harilay Rabenjamina, Camille Tan, Lauren Tortil, Amalia Vargas, Victor Vialles, Miel Villemot

The curators authors
Michela Alessandrini, Claire Astier, Caterina Avataneo, Marie Bechetoille, Elena Cardin, Alex Chevalier, Sonia D’Alto, Flora Gadó , Laëtitia Gorsy, Radoslav Ištok, Léo Marin, Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou, Jocelyn Moisson, Lucas Morin, Sasha Pevak, Georgia René-Worms, Eleni Riga, Bertrand Riou, Michela Saccheto, Vanina Saracino, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa, Veronica Valentini

The authors
Tiphanie Blanc, Raphaël Brunel, Patrice Goasduff, Anne Langlois, Hélène Meisel, Danièle Yvergniaux