Initiated and carried out by 40mcube, in partnership with the company Self Signal, GENERATOR selects four visual artists each year, who have graduated for at least two years**, and gives them the means to fully focus on their artistic practice for a period of seven months.
GENERATOR selects two to four curators each year for a one-month prospecting trip in Brittany.

You want to be part of GENERATOR #11 2024-2025?
Please find opposite all the informations in the call for application. You can also download the call for application here.

Submission deadline: March 24, 2024, 12 pm
Artists: October 7, 2024 – April 30, 2025
Curators: March 3, 2025 – March 28, 2025

*GENERATOR is a certifying professional training program. The competencies delivered within GENERATOR are registered in the Specific Register under the title “Managing your activity as a visual artist”. Specific Register Code: RS6179. Certifier: 40mcube. Date of registry: December 14, 2022. See detailed information on the dedicated page.

**GENERATOR is open to visual artists at the start of their career, who are French nationals or have been resident in France for more than five years, and are registered as artist-authors with the social security authorities, in all techniques, with no geographical or age limits. Artists may have studied at a fine arts school (DNSEP) or university (Master’s degree), or be self-taught, provided they can demonstrate professional experience in contemporary art (at least 3 exhibitions in French or European cultural structures or galleries). Access to certification is only possible on completion of the GENERATOR training program.