The project Faune, animals in the city, proposed by the artist Nicolas Milhé, honors the preservation of animal species threatened with extinction living in Brittany.

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Presented by 40mcube as part of the participatory budgeting of the city of Rennes, Faune, animals in the city by the artist Nicolas Milhé takes the form of a set of 6 original street furniture, installed in different districts of Rennes, and topped by a sculpture representing an extinct or endangered animal.

Each animal overhangs a seat on which the people of Rennes can rest, under the protection of an animal, a caring totem that reminds us of the beauty of life and the need to take care of it.

The artist has chosen to realize bronze sculptures of endangered species living in Brittany. He wishes to celebrate the diversity of living beings and to pay tribute to the most fragile animals, affirming the importance of diversity, difference and sensitivity.

Nicolas Milhé honors animals, reaffirms their importance in the city, in the world, and places them in our history and in our environment, so that they are not forgotten, but also that we change our way of acting against them.

Faune, animals in the city, are sculptures-urban furniture that feed our imagination and reveal our common natural heritage.