40mcube coordinates the residency of the artist Florent Gilbert at the Lycée Jean Guéhenno in Fougères.

Around the theme of the artist’s studio, Florent Gilbert has developed with the students of first and final year in speciality plastic arts a workshop on painting, its materials, its supports, and the different uses that it is possible to make of it. The workshops allowed the students to work on the different technical steps necessary for the use of various types of paint (gouache, acrylic, watercolor, etc.). They also made it possible to switch from these classical techniques to other fields such as volume. Experimentation with unusual materials for painting, such as molten plastic, allowed the students to free themselves from certain constraints and to envisage their work very freely.

Accompanied by the artist, the students also approached the questions of the exhibition, the space in which it takes place, the different ways of presenting the works and the variety of meanings that result.

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