Maison de Champs de Mars
Cours des Alliers
35000 Rennes

How do you hold up a colored form in space ?* Symposium

Download the procceding of the symposium (in french only)


Moderator: RamonTio Bellido, art critic, secretary general of the AICA.

10:00 AM
Odile Lemée, councillor for the arts for Rennes township- Public art or “ the rules of art relating to the construction of a concrete sidewalk”.

10:45 AM
Eva González-Sancho, exhibition curator, Director of the Frac Bourgogne- Public place/ legal space. Research and other intervention perspectives.

11:30 AM
Simona Denicolaï and Ivo Provoost, artists- How do you hold up a colored form in space?

12:15 PM

12:45 PM

2:00 PM
Benoît Goetz, lecturer in philosophy at the Université Paul Verlaine in Metz- Architecture between art and towns.

2:45 PM
Christophe Le Gac, chief editor of archistorm architecture, art…from a to z, co-founder of the archibooks publishing house- Architecture, art…: a few urban experiences.

3:30 PM
Luc Deleu, architect- Aesthetics from ethics.

4:45 PM
Close and apéritif

* title taken from the work of Simona Denicolaï and Ivo Provoost in the exhibition Chantier public #2, 40mcube, april- may 2005