Conference organized by the PREAC contemporary art Brittany

Salle de conférences – Les Champs Libres
10, cours des Alliés
35000 Rennes

Artistic practices and transmission: how is digital culture changing uses?

The development of digital technologies has changed all aspects of our daily lives. Information has never circulated in such large quantities and so quickly. Since its democratization and in just over 15 years, the Internet has renewed the relationship between visitors and works and, more broadly, the ways in which knowledge is transmitted. The possibilities offered by in situ devices (digital tables, multimedia devices), mobile tools (tablets, smartphones, applications) or the Internet are immense and are constantly multiplying and diversifying, and seem limitless. They shake up the practices of the public, mediators and the teaching world.

Through a few major lines of analysis, the relationship between real and virtual, time and space, individual and collective, the displacement of cognitive processes, this day aims to offer some avenues for reflection on the evolution of uses induced by new tools in mediation and teaching practices.

Detailed program
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