Exhibition presented as part of the Outsite program

This exhibition takes place at the galerie Art & Essai
Galerie Art &Essai – Université Rennes 2, Place du recteur Henri Le Moal,
35000 Rennes

Claudia Comte uses different mediums and forms. She articulates sculptures, paintings, videos or performances in installations that create visual and cultural shocks. She confronts sculptures with smooth shapes to a chainsaw production and an aesthetic of cartoons, all unified by a rigorous layout. Often including a vantage point, her installations play back and forth between volume and picture: the volumes create images, and the images form volumes.

For her exhibition at the Art &Essai gallery at the invitation of 40mcube, Claudia Comte creates a new installation consisting of sculptures presented in an environment made of wall paintings and oil on canvas paintings. Thirty paintings with a diameter ranging from 40 cm to 140 cm, made with a single brushstroke of the size of the radius of each circle, are presented at different levels on a wall painting of five lines that takes place on the four walls of the exhibition space.

The artist also presents a series of seven modular olive wood sculptures that integrate their own bases. Each sculpture is made with a chainsaw and is presented on a different combination of burnt wood cubes that form their bases.
Formal and visual link between sculptures and paintings is found in the stripes and strokes that create a visual rhythm: the stave on which are hung the paintings and the ribs of the cubes that make up and support the sculptures.
The title of the exhibition, Sonic Geometry, is a reference to a theory that explores the language of frequencies and forms. According to this theory, the sum of the angles of the elementary geometric forms corresponds to a musical note. The exhibition evokes this relationship in the explicit representation of a stave with its notes, but also in its composition: each elements is autonomous and can be represented differently so that the installation can be reinterpreted in many variations.

Claudia Comte is represented by Gladstone Gallery (New York, Brussels) and BolteLang (Zürich).