This exhibition is part of Exporama

Yoan Sorin’s work takes the form of paintings applied to a variety of supports, of sculptures made from a variety of materials, of objects assembled and then painted, and of performances involving his own body. Each element feeds or even contaminates the others in a fluid process, within installations that constitute three-dimensional compositions constantly renewed by the visitors’ wander. Inhabited, his exhibitions, in which color is a determining element, bathe in an atmosphere where serenity coexists with anxiety.

For his exhibition at 40mcube, Chronique de l’oubli, Yoan Sorin creates new works that play with time. Like an tear-off calendar, one painting replaces another each week, while metronomes-sculptures punctuate the exhibition.

Playing with words – chronicle in its double meaning, as a chronological narrative and as something that settles in slowly but permanently, which he associates in a contradictory way with oblivion – Yoan Sorin speaks of the latent urgency of our times.