The aesthetics of the site keep turning up in a recurring way in the artists’ work, like a fascination for its machinery, a possibility of an intervention on the scale of a building or a town.

When coming up with the exhibit Chantier public in 2003, no one could foresee that it would lead to another exhibit. At the end of this first edition, our minds were still overrun by the images of shovels, construction site fences, large streamers striped with black and yellow… By seeing or picturing the work of a certain number of artists, our immediate reaction was to imagine them as a part of Chantier public #2, oriented onto a different path, with another scenario or interpretation.

The edition of Chantier public offers several readings: it takes into consideration the entirety of the project Chantier public, its two exhibitions, the work of the invited artists, and more specifically the works produced and presented.

Compte-rendu de Chantier, Anne Langlois.
– Lara Almarcegui. Raconter un lieu, raconter, la ville…, Eva González-Sancho.
– Matthieu Appriou. Cross-over entre un château et un pavillon, Christophe Le Gac.
– Yves Gendreau. Si du processus nous supprimons l’idée d’une fin…, Stephen Wright.
– Patrice Goasduff. Motifs spatiaux, César D’Arnhel.
Stalker / Microtransformations urbaine / Chantier public / 40mcube / Rennes 2003, David Perreau.
Compte-rendu de Chantier #2, Anne Langlois.
Ateliermobile Ivan Clouteau.
– Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost. Comment faire tenir une forme colorée dans l’espace ?, Bram van Damme.
– Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel. Lili Reynaud Dewar.
– Le Gentil Garçon. Mais pourquoi est-il si gentil ?!, Anne-Laure Even.
– Nicolas Milhé, Du bon usage du contre-emploi, Paul Ardenne.
– Benoît-Marie Moriceau. Space in progress, Yoann Gourmel.
– Bénédicte Olivier. La construction par soustraction, Richard Guilbert.

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