Buy-Sellf Art Club
101 rue Consolat
13001 Marseille

Invited by Buy-Sellf Art Club, 40mcube presents the work of Samir Mougas in this exhibition space in Marseille.

On the occasion of his exhibition at Buy-Sellf Art Club, Samir Mougas presents Strategy & Tactics, a work produced by 40mcube in 2009 for Trout Farm, the artist’s first solo exhibition. The sculpture is composed of a geometric form embodying industrial manufacturing as a prototype and a variation of prolific modules made from various recycled materials. This work directly applies the principle explained by Michel de Certeau (1), namely the appropriation and misappropriation, by the individual, of forms or materials that are nevertheless intended for a specific use by industry. This sculpture becomes in fact easily extensible, interpretable and adaptable to each exhibition and space it occupies.

Photo: Patrice Goasduff