40mcube is an exhibition space for contemporary art, a studio for the production of works, a place for artists-in-residence program residencies, a professional-training organisation and an office for organisation of contemporary art projects. Since 2019, 40mcube is labelled Contemporary art centre of national interest by the franch ministry of Culture.

40mcube produces works, dffuses them in the form of exhibitions or interventions in the public space, sets up artists’ residencies, accompanies the commission of works, promotes and mediates them to the public.

40mcube occupies a building in Rennes with an exhibition space of 170m2, a production studio, offices and meeting rooms. In Liffré, near Rennes, 40mcube has created the Hub-Hug, a unique and experimental space of 200m2 dedicated to residencies for artists and curators, studios, workshops, and presentations of works that give rise to meetings with the public.

Exhibition production
40mcube presents each year new exhibitions in Rennes. 40mcube also offers exhibitions in local, national and international partner venues: institutions, galleries, companies, communities, etc.

The production of works
40mcube accompanies artists at each stage of the realization of works of art and exhibitions: research, project writing, feasibility study, technical, administrative and financial follow-up, manufacture of works, quality control, installation, control of technical conformity, presentation and mediation to the public. 40mcube brings its technical and artistic expertise, its know-how, and coordinates the tailor-made realization of each project.

Public art
Besides the exhibitions in its premises and in partner places, 40mcube creates works intended to take place in the public space, allowing a simple, direct and convivial relationship between art, the city and the citizens.

Artists’ residencies
40mcube welcomes artists in residence for a time of reflection, conception, realization of their project and production of their works. Professional workshops equipped with tools, machines and materials are at their disposal, ffering a suitable environment for creation. In addition to residencies in its premises in Rennes and Liffré, 40mcube implements artists residencies in companies, on the brittany territory and in schools.

Commissioning of works or exhibition, advice to build a collection or set up a residence, acquisition of a work, professional training, privatization of spaces… 40mcube ffers everyone, communities, companies, public or private institutions, persons exercising a liberal profession, different frameworks of collaboration with artists who adapt to the expectations of each.

The commissions
40mcube accompanies groups of people – associations, companies, communities, individuals – who wish to order a work of art from an artist. 40mcube ensures the coordination of the various stages of the order, contributes to the drafting of speci cations, proposes an artist, participates in the search for nancing, ensures the manufacture and the installation of the work. In addition, 40mcube is Eternal Network’s executive producer for the implementation of the Fondation de France’s New Patrons program in Ille-et-Vilaine. This allows citizens confronted with social or territorial development issues to associate contemporary artists with their concerns through a commission. Its originality is based on a new conjunc- tion between three privileged actors: the artist, the citizen-client and the cultural mediator, accompanied by the public and private partners gathered around the project.

The archives
In partnership with the Archives de la critique d’art and the Archives départementales d’Ille-et-Vilaine, 40mcube is developing Inventaire, a project that makes the archives of projects
completed since 2001 accessible to all. The hidden side of the exhibitions and the way they are organized are thus made visible.

Professional training
In partnership with the company Self Signal, 40mcube has set up GENERATOR, a professional training course for young artists and exhibition curators. In order to bridge the gap between initial training and professionalization, this scheme offers artists, over a period of seven continuous months, training to develop their work, produce works and build a professional network. The curators, in residence for one month, meet the artists of the programme and strengthen their network by discovering the artistic scene in Brittany.

Publics – educational program
Each project developed by 40mcube is accompanied by the implementation of mediation actions that allow all audiences to be accompanied in the discovery of contemporary creation.
40mcube offers a mediation o er adapted to individuals or groups – whether they are amateurs or neophytes – to school groups (from kindergarten to universities), leisure centres, students, the elderly, people with disabilities, works councils, etc..
40mcube offers guided tours, descriptive and tactile tours, artists’ workshops in schools, workshops to discover exhibitions, and creates privileged conditions to discover the art of our time.

40mcube is member of a.c.b, contemporary art in britanny, Arts en résidences – national network, BLA! – national association of the people in charge of the education for contemporay art, and of the britanny ressources hub for artistic and cultural education.

Anne Langlois, co-director, curator of the exhibition
Patrice Goasduff, co-irector, production manager, in charge of the commission
Marion Resemann, in charge of the continuing professional development program for artists and of the GENERATOR program
Cyrille Guitard, in charge of the educational program, the communication, and the press relations
Pauline Simon, in charge of the administration
Alicia Le Bozec, assistant for artist for ever digital learning platform
Anaëlle Lec’hvien, in charge of the coordination of GENERATOR
Camille Leleu, voluntary community service

Members of the board : Émilie Renard (president), Yann Sérandour (secretary), Blandine Valais (treasurer), Peggy Diverres, Dominique Caumes

Graphic design: Richard Guilbert
Correcteur : Brice Coladon
Translation : Selma Dufeutrelle, Cyrille Guitard, Hayley Moore, Cassandre Lefèvre, Seth Cauman, Elizabeth Bowers, David Mickael Clarke

40mcube is supported by the French Ministry of Culture – Drac Bretagne, the Regional Council of Brittany, the Departmental Council of Ille-et-Vilaine, the cities of Rennes and Liffré.
With the corporate sponsorship of Art Norac – non-for-profit organization of the Norac group for the sponsorship in contemporary art.
With the partnership of: Rousseau Clôtures, Avoxa, Self Signal, Line Up Architecture, Anthracite Architecture 2.0, Icodia, 02 magazine and Sennelier.
40mcube is a partner of the Marque Bretagne.
40mcube is part of the networks a.c.b – contemporary art in Brittany, Arts en résidence – national network, BLA! – national non-for-profit organization for professionals in charge of the educational programming, of the New patrons society, and of the contemporary art ressources hub for the cultural and artistic education in Brittany.