Vernaculaire (Vernacular) is the generic name that Stephanie Bourne gives her work which takes place in various contexts and on various territories, immersing with groups of people. After Castel Coucou gave 40mcube carte-blanche at their Forbach location in April and May of 2004, Stephanie Bourne was able to begin reflecting on the prominence of her work, creating a residence there and researching new forms.

Chronique privée is the invisible part of the work of Stephanie Bourne, the part that shows the course her work has taken, her encounters and exchanges that took place on this territory. It is substantiated by a silkscreen comprised of a text on one side, and a diagram on the other that shows a diagram of the place/time process of her work. It also shows the newtwork created for the project.

This diagram was printed using thermal ink, and shows up only when the temperature drops below 5°C.

Castel Coucou-Forbach

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