Le Triangle
Boulevard de Yougoslavie
35201 Rennes

This is the second in a series of two events offered by 40mcube. The first will take place September 28 behind the Triangle France in Marseille. This project encourages the meeting of artists and structures, instills a sense of collaboration around performance in places dedicated to both art and live performances, and inserts itself into the public eye.

Thought of as a walkthrough of different spaces, interior and exterior, this program proposes work of varying natures and lengths. During the day, Frédéric Ollereau drives through the streets of Rennes in a car whose exterior is entirely upholstered. Jean-François Chermann gives a scientific conference exposing the idea of the “intolerance gene.” Rob List performs “Folly,” referring to 18th century architecture in France and England. Throughout the day, in town and at the Triangle, Catie Balmann keeps a stand where she retrieves old clothing tags that she transforms into cloth which is then given to a seamstress.

In parallel, Régis Ogor presents his most recent project called P.T.P. (Petit Transport de Proximité: roughly Small-Scale Local Transportation). Also proposed is the “survival performance” carried out by Abraham Poincheval and Laurent Tixador on the Frioul Island near Marseille in 2001, as well as International Art Terrorism, a film about breaking the rules in museums.


Various performances in the center of Rennes from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.
Meeting at the Hotel de Ville from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, then at Place Hoche from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
Catie de Balmann, Dégriffage.
Frédéric Ollereau, La Voiture de laine.
At the Triangle from 6:00 PM.
Catie de Balmann, Dégriffage.
Jean-François Chermann, Conférence : Isolement d’une anomalie génétique – Intolerantiae Locus – impliquée dans la genèse d’un comportement électoral.
Rob List, Folly.
Frédéric Ollereau, La Voiture de laine.

I.A.T.(Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly), Touchy.
Régis Ogor and Guy Le Run, Hypothèse d’un transport de proximité dans la ville.
Abraham Poincheval and Laurent Tixador, Total Symbiose.