48, avenue Sergent Maginot
35000 Rennes

Solène, Olivier and Anita are between 21 and 23 years old. The first two grew up in the polder region of Mont Saint-Michel and Anita spent all her holidays there until the age of 15. The three of them were together until they were teenagers and then lost touch with each other. Their respective parents know each other well and meet regularly. One Sunday in autumn, Solène, Anita and Olivier meet for lunch at Solène’s parents’ home. Leaving the parents for dessert, they go for a walk. They cross the village to pick up Jean-Christophe, Solène’s uncle. The four of them then head for the shore for a long walk…

Darielle Tillon, À la vitesse d’un cheval au galop, 2002, 43’28”, colour, 35 mm.