34, rue de l’Alma
35000 Rennes

Cécile Desvignes’ work focuses on architecture in relation to space. She transforms the space around her using elements of the trade such as angles, models, plans and measurements as a source for material and patterns. This is her language and these are her tools. Her work can take the form of wall paintings, drawings, foldings, etc. There is a constant give-and-take between volume and surface and between two and three dimensions. She takes down and unfolds the space around her, giving it another meaning in the exhibit. By playing off of the proportions and scales that she modifies, she is suggesting a reconstruction of space, a new way of perceiving it.

At 40mcube (approximate dimensions left unverified), Cécile Desvignes has taken on the responsibility of measuring the exact dimensions of the space. She provides a model of what the building would look like if it really were 40 cubic meters. Her precise calculations finished with a model of the 40mcube building at the scale of 1 to… the square root of 40. Through these number games, Cécile Desvignes presents an inventive, fictional system of mathematics to the public.